About pilot training

To become a commercial pilot and fly for an airline registered in the European Union, you must complete either an EASA approved ATPL or CPL, or a MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot License) integrated training course; Xfly is currently focusing on the MPL program for future co-pilots. The program combines both theoretical and practical training enabling you to obtain your MPL license and operate as First Officer in a multi-pilot aeroplane. Obtaining the MPL licence does not require any prior experience in piloting.

Our intensive 18-month integrated training will prepare you for your future career and employment with Xfly through PAS Aviation. After successful completion of MPL Training program you will be qualified as an ATR 72-600 First Officer for Xfly. We are expecting to launch the next course in autumn 2023, but you can apply already today!

The length of studies is 18 months

The Xfly Flight Academy, in cooperation with its aviation training partner Patria Pilot Training in Finland, offers you new opportunities to fulfil your dreams.

Patria is a 100-year-old international provider of defence, pilot training, security, aviation life cycle support services and technology solutions. Patria is owned by the State of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%). Patria is one of the most experienced MPL training providers in the world. 

A pilot’s career has never been more viable than it is today! Airlines are in constant need of well-trained pilots, and Xfly’s MPL cadet program is the fastest path to becoming an ATR72 First Officer with Xfly. Admissions will open in spring 2022.

Your pilot training starts in the best possible way, and we at Xfly will support you on this journey. Our highly experienced instructors follow and supervise your entire training process – you are always in good hands!

For applicants

Minimum prerequisites for applying for the pilot training program at Xfly Flight Academy:

  • At least 18 years of age 
  • Secondary education
  • Sufficient English skills (evaluated during the aptitude tests)
  • Fluency in Scandinavian language (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, or Finnish) considered as an advantage
  • Ability to relocate and accept a job offer at one of Xfly Scandinavian bases
  • Completed military service or exemption therefrom (male candidates)
  • Have the unrestricted right to live and work in the European Economic Area (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway), and Switzerland.
  • Normal health, applicants should be capable of obtaining an EASA Class 1 Medical without restrictions.

The cost

The cost of MPL program is 120 000 euros

The course price includes:

  • Full theory and flight training to be qualified as Xfly’s ATR 72-600 First Officer 
  • Flights from Finland to Spain (return) for Phase 1 flight training at Patria’s base in Córdoba
  • Access to Patria’s learning management system and Xfly’s Electronic Flight Bag platform) during training

The course price doesn’t include:

  • Living expenses such as housing and meals during training 
  • Local Travel costs at training sites in Finland, Spain, and Estonia
  • EASA Class 1 Medical – price is depending on the service provider
  • Selection testing – approximately 500 euros total

Ground school

During ground school in Finland you will learn study theoretical aspects of aviation and piloting, such as the principles of flight, operational procedures, aviation weather, communications and many other aviation-related topics. The goal is to build a solid theoretical knowledge base for your future career as a pilot. ATPL Theory studies are demanding, and to complete the ground school you must successfully pass the final knowledge test on the following subjects:

  1. Air Law
  2. Airframes and Systems /Electrics/ 
  3. Power Plant
  4. Instrumentation
  5. Mass and Balance 
  6. Performance
  7. Flight Planning and Monitoring
  8. Human Performance and Limitations 
  9. Meteorology
  10. General Navigation
  11. Radio Navigation 
  12. Operational Procedures 
  13. Principles of Flight
  14. VFR communications 
  15. IFR communications

Practical flying

MPL Phase 1 flight training will be arranged at Patria’s base in Córdoba, Spain. Good weather conditions in the area around the year support your learning during this phase of training which takes about four months. During MPL training Phase 1 you will fly Patria’s Diamond DA40 NG aircraft together with Patria’s experienced instructors. 

Our partner Patria will assist students with travel and housing arrangements in Spain.

After Phase 1 of flight training, the following training phases are based solely on the use of sophisticated flight simulation devices. You will start gaining valuable ATR experience right after your basic flying training has been completed in Córdoba. The remaining of your training will take place in Finland near Helsinki-Vantaa airport in an ATR Full Flight Simulator.    

Training program



1. Total theory hours ca 1000 (14 topics)

2. Total flight training hours/Airplane, 70 hrs (DA40 NG), MPL Phase 1

3. Total flight training hours/ATR Full Flight Simulator, 170 Hrs, MPL Phases 2-4

4. ATR 72-600 differences course (Madrid, Spain)

5. ATR 72-600 landings training (6 landings)


IN FINLAND (Tampere and Helsinki)

Housing, meals, commuting etc. expenses are not included in the price of this programme. Each student is responsible for their own arrangements in Finland, Spain and Estonia. More information on these will be given to candidates at the end of the selection process.  It is recommended to explore the apartment selection of Tampere and Pirkkala prior to the beginning of the studies. Our partner Patria will assist you to find roommates if you want to share a flat with somebody from the same course.

Please find links to explore the apartment selection in Tampere and Pirkala region:


Furnished apartments coordinated through Patria Training are approximately in the following price range:
One bedroom with separate living room and small kitchen around 500 EUR/month
Two bedrooms with separate living room and small kitchen around 800 – 850 EUR/month (400-425 per person per month, if students share the apartment).

Additionally, there is meal delivery service available through Patria Training with approximate cost of 10 euros per meal.

More information on housing in Spain will be given to candidates at the end of the selection process.