* Prices are a subject to change based on the service provider.



Application to cadet program


Initial selection by school

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Basic tests 150EUR

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Advanced tests 330EUR

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Interview phase

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Approved to cadet program


Aviation medical examination

Didn´t pass medical exam


Our recruitment partner PAS Aviation was established over 20 years ago as an Airline Consultancy. They entered the crew leasing business a few years later and in 2015 launched a new service, focusing on compliant employment solutions across the globe. With Headquarters in Switzerland and key hub offices in the UK and Estonia, they have a presence in 10 other countries. Today, Xfly and PAS Aviation are in close cooperation managing the pilot recruitment and crews across all our bases.

After you apply, our partner PAS Aviation will assess your initial suitability as a pilot based on the documents you submit and will give you feedback as soon as possible. Bear in mind that there is a tough competition for the available seats on our course and you may not be chosen this time. 

The application process can only be launched if you give permission to both us and PAS Aviation to process your personal data. Xfly only stores and processes personal data if there is a legal basis for it to do so.

Pilot aptitude test

If you make it through the first round, you will be asked to participate in Basic tests including multi-factory cognitive tests, personality tests and a preliminary performance test. The tests are conducted in English and the cost of participating in these tests is 150 euros (including VAT), which must be paid in advance. 

If you are successful in the basic tests, you will be invited to participate in the advanced testing. The tests in this round are to test your psychomotor coordination, visual memory, and concentration capabilities. The tests are conducted in English and the cost of participating in these tests is 330 euros (including VAT), which must be paid in advance.

* Prices are a subject to change based on the service provider.


Candidates who pass all the tests are invited to an interview with Xfly representatives, where you will be asked to present yourself professionally and explain your motivation to participate in the training. 

Since the competition for the available seats on the course is high and the course itself is intense, we want to choose candidates who have highest motivation and potential to eventually work for Xfly.

Medical fitness

The last step before being accepted to the pilot training is a medical examination, which provides the final assessment on your suitability to work as a pilot. 


Prior to enrolling in the program, you must possess a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate. This can be obtained from an Aeromedical Center appointed by Civil Aviation Authority in your relevant EU member state.

Our partner in Tallinn is:
Lennumeditsiini Keskus OÜ,

Jalgpalli 1 (1st floor), Tallinn 11312.
Information and appointment booking: +372 5301 8737

Medical examination

Please do not eat or drink sweet beverages 2 to 3 hours before the check-up. Watch your menu the night before. However, it is necessary to drink water to give a urine test in the morning. If you wear lenses, please do not use them on the morning of the health examination. Wear glasses, as it is not possible to perform all the necessary eye examinations when using contact lenses.

The Medical Examination Includes:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Hearing and vision tests
  • Lung function and heart tests
  • Blood and urine analysis
  • General physical examination

The procedures to be performed are:

  • drug test
  • alcohol test
  • blood tests
  • urine test
  • hearing test
  • lung function test
  • vision test
  • colour blindness test
  • resting ECG